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What is there to say about my best friend, Warren Peace?

Well, he is a sweetheart under all that growl-y exterior. take for instance, Homecoming dance, now he had said he would go with me to mess with my best friend, Will's head. He insisted that he wouldn't come dressed in a Tux and I really thought he wouldn't come. Accept, when I thought there was no chance of him even showing up and that all men were jerks, and he showed, in a tux-looking dashing to boot. The other instance was when my friend, Will, who swore he wanted to take me out to my favorite restaurant in Maxville to make up to me for the way he had been acting like a jerk to me and then he bailed. Warren, who happened to work there, actually wound up being really nice to me when I began to talking to him out of the blue. He was even nice enough to sit down with me for a long while, after I invited him to do so, then he proceeded to listen to me prattle on and on about Will all night. He even gave me good advice.

He is super talented, smart-I always saw him with a book in hand, meaty subjects and puerile subjects, it didn't matter.

He may be a hot head, but...OK, true, he tried to kill me and my sidekick buddies along with Will-at first. He got defeated, thank the gods, still we found out that he was very loyal and fought for the side of good, protecting me and my friends when the time came down to it.

He and I could sit in my bedroom or his and just lay close to one another and talk. We would talk about movies, school, his girl problems and my Will problems. I mean, heck, he even opened up to me and told me all about his father, who was in solitary confinement for some pretty serious crimes. He really opened up to me and for Warren Peace, that was the hardest thing for him to ever do. I was really amazed and happy that he chose me and thought me special enough to take a chance by breaking down his barriers and let it all out there.

Oh, did I mention that he is pretty fluent in Cantonese? No? Yeah, he is, I found that out the first night we met properly and talked for the first time. His dialect is pretty off, but he can speak the words really, really well.

So, in closing, Warren Peace is a sweet, affectionate, talented, smart, loving, caring super hero and yeah, he has his flaws, who doesn't? With his flaws though, comes this amazing package. Even his body, which he keeps in tip top shape, is amazing. I know he does it for the ladies, (giggle) and trust me, they eat it up. It just shows that Warren really cares about the things around him. He keeps himself in top shape, and I tease him about this, so that he can rescue cuter girls, but it is all so that he can go out there and be the best Hero that he can be! Well, that is my take on it. He will fight me on this whole thing, word for word, but I just ignore him(grin). If I didn't, well how would I have met him in the first place and then, subsequently, gotten to know him a whole lot better?



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