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Dear Lucas,

So, you wanted to know all about Magenta, right? Well, what can I say about her? Although there is not a lot I can say about her, does not mean that she is not the coolest, greatest, most kick ass chicks I know! Magenta is like, my best female friend bar none, OK that isn’t correct, my mom counts as one of my best friends too.

Magenta is this really sweet person, super smart too. She tends to hide behind this blasé, Goth chic exterior, and she tends to answer everything in this monotone manner and looks at you as if you have ten heads when you ask her a question, but in reality she is hiding this very sweet and innocent, caring personality.
Magenta’s boyfriend, Zach, is the polar opposite to her and for the longest time they were like, best friends. They did homework together and hung out all the time, but never took he next step. (I secretly think she was scared to do so, may be felt she would be rejected or what was the point? Since, that is a large part of her personality, I do think that it was a little bit of everything…but once she went up against R.P she realized that there was no time like the present and she finally went for it.)
Magenta was sweet and kind to Zach, hiding the fact that she liked him for a while, deep down inside of herself. They began the Homecoming dance as friends, then all hell broke loose with Gwen Greyson, AKA Royal Pain, who threatened to turn our schoolmates into babies and subsequently villains‘. She, Ethan and Zach helped me, Warren and Will to defeat her, putting their lives in danger along with ours, even if they had been labeled sidekicks like myself, they took the prospect of life and limb being hurt to heart, surpassed themselves and the situation and went all out for the school, quickly becoming heroes themselves. They helped us to diffuse the situation of our school plummeting to the earth and killing those of us not taken down by the Pacifier. Later on that night, after countless times of Zach hitting on her, or asking her to do something and her saying no, which then Zach stating that he was also not up for whatever it was he had asked Magenta to do moments before…Magenta finally manned up and said that she did, in fact, want to dance and the rest of their relationship was happily history.

Magenta is quiet, genuine and intense. She doesn’t like to seem like she cares but she does. She likes to appear as the anti hero when in fact she is a heroine. If there is anyone in my life that is a bad ass, it would be Magenta. She is also super pretty with her dark eyes, long black and purple hair and olive skin. Petite, funny and sweet that is my Magenta and I know this seems like a letter of little words, see Magenta is a girl of little words and actions, but in reality, behind that soft silence is a person with a huge heart and soul.

Baby girl.
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What is there to say about my best friend, Warren Peace?

Well, he is a sweetheart under all that growl-y exterior. take for instance, Homecoming dance, now he had said he would go with me to mess with my best friend, Will's head. He insisted that he wouldn't come dressed in a Tux and I really thought he wouldn't come. Accept, when I thought there was no chance of him even showing up and that all men were jerks, and he showed, in a tux-looking dashing to boot. The other instance was when my friend, Will, who swore he wanted to take me out to my favorite restaurant in Maxville to make up to me for the way he had been acting like a jerk to me and then he bailed. Warren, who happened to work there, actually wound up being really nice to me when I began to talking to him out of the blue. He was even nice enough to sit down with me for a long while, after I invited him to do so, then he proceeded to listen to me prattle on and on about Will all night. He even gave me good advice.

He is super talented, smart-I always saw him with a book in hand, meaty subjects and puerile subjects, it didn't matter.

He may be a hot head, but...OK, true, he tried to kill me and my sidekick buddies along with Will-at first. He got defeated, thank the gods, still we found out that he was very loyal and fought for the side of good, protecting me and my friends when the time came down to it.

He and I could sit in my bedroom or his and just lay close to one another and talk. We would talk about movies, school, his girl problems and my Will problems. I mean, heck, he even opened up to me and told me all about his father, who was in solitary confinement for some pretty serious crimes. He really opened up to me and for Warren Peace, that was the hardest thing for him to ever do. I was really amazed and happy that he chose me and thought me special enough to take a chance by breaking down his barriers and let it all out there.

Oh, did I mention that he is pretty fluent in Cantonese? No? Yeah, he is, I found that out the first night we met properly and talked for the first time. His dialect is pretty off, but he can speak the words really, really well.

So, in closing, Warren Peace is a sweet, affectionate, talented, smart, loving, caring super hero and yeah, he has his flaws, who doesn't? With his flaws though, comes this amazing package. Even his body, which he keeps in tip top shape, is amazing. I know he does it for the ladies, (giggle) and trust me, they eat it up. It just shows that Warren really cares about the things around him. He keeps himself in top shape, and I tease him about this, so that he can rescue cuter girls, but it is all so that he can go out there and be the best Hero that he can be! Well, that is my take on it. He will fight me on this whole thing, word for word, but I just ignore him(grin). If I didn't, well how would I have met him in the first place and then, subsequently, gotten to know him a whole lot better?

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Looking for a Warren Peace, from Sky High. I can provide examples if needed? I am looking to explore Layla and Warren's friendship/may be more? All the Warren's seem to go poof.

The storyline can go dark, considering Warren is dark and he might want to explore what happened with his father. Hit me here, PM me, or contact the journal.

I am dying to find a good Warren Peace. I am even OK with them being out of Sky High and in college or something along those lines.

PSL preferred, not games are fine too.

Character Profile and writing sample below:

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I can't believe that I know there is a proposal coming and I don't know when? I am seriously, seriously giddy!
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[Filtered to Lucas, Peter and Rose](ooc fixed)

Oh my god, I am too sick to help fight this, I can't help. I called Jetstream and she put all of Sky High's major Superhero/Sidekick Alumni and all of the teachers at Sky High on alert about this virus. There is virtually thousands of heroes and sidekicks, their families who are affected by this, they are working on getting all the children in my old High School and their families to a safe place. Plus, all the children who have just powered up and have yet been able to attend Sky High as well as their families. There is no way to protect everyone. Meaning somewhere sequestered and with a filtration system. The only place I can think of is my High school, it fly's in the air to keep it out of range from any super villains. I don't know what they are going to do with their super villain prison, I am sure they put them inside a highly contained filtration system as well. Warren is freaking about his father, the super villain- Baron Battle and his mother, super hero- Joy Peace and I don't blame him, when I called and told him he got pretty freaked out, he accelerated into a giant fire ball and took out half of his backyard.

Mr. Medula is working on this, talking to the appropriate people. They've filtered all intel from villains and any students who are too young, inexperienced, or have a track record at possibly turning toward the darker use of their powers. Mr. Medula is working very, very hard. They are in the process at finding out information on this virus so that he might be able to extrapolate a cure. Mr. Medula is so intelligent, he found out how to make himself a cold fusion jet pack and he also made some of the teams similar devices like, myself and Warren Peace and other people on our Superhero/Sidekick team who cannot fly like Jetstream and Will. If anyone can come close to knowing lots of information, it would be him.

I am freaked, I am in severe pain and I am worrying about my friends, my boyfriend, my family. Lucas, they have invited us to come to the High School with the rest of the refugee's.

I've never been so out of commission before and here I am and all I can do is walk to the bathroom and back, which wipes me so bad I need to nap. I had to get this out of my system before it ate me alive, I feel like I need a nap, but I am too freaked.

(OOC this is not saying that they can or will come up with a cure, but in events such as this, I believe this is how the school, they greatest superhero team in all the world and teachers from Sky High would function. They would put Mr. Medula in charge of anything scientific and they'd go about containing and saving the families and others who attended Sky High as well as their prison system.)
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13 CDs you can't live without.

1. Evidence of Heaven by Faith and the Muse
2. Chronicle Vol. 2: Twenty Great CCR Classics by Creedence Clearwater Revival
3.Kane by Christian Kane
4. Greatest Hits by Journey
5. The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac by Fleetwood Mac
6.Songs of Mass Destruction by Annie Lennox
7. Duran Duran by Duran Duran
8. Audioslave by Audioslave
10.Bauhaus: Shadow of Light/Archive
11. Through the Looking Glass by Siouxsie & The Banshees
12.Ultimate Santana by Santana
13. The Best of the Moody Blues by The Moody Blues
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This is kind of important, Layla is a very private person when it comes to her powers and her job. Sure, she talks to Will all the time, but not others. Sure others at her school know, but not until the end of the film did they know her powers.

So, I plan to write up a Gilmore Gazette or something. It will part of a large paper, so people would be able to read about things she has done, also there might be blurbs on the News. So people could hear about it. They will only know her alter ego- Earth Goddess. I plan to do a few of them in her journal, they will be listed as Gilmore whatever the name here. This will represent the fact she took the articles out of the paper and stuffed them into a private place that is not easy for someone to just find. Also, it will be open to comment, if people want to, or they can talk about it in their journals, like they do with Rose, if they want. This is not mandatory or anything, it is just a way to keep up with Layla crime fighting sprees. If anyone has questions, comments or anything you can ping me in my friends only post on my journal.

Oh my

Sep. 27th, 2008 05:03 am
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Filtered to: Myself and Peter, because he may understand.
[Private Entry]

Golly, I am so scared, that run in with that serial rapist on campus really freaked me out. I was never so scared in my life then when I had to fight him. True, the leg break was a clean, hairline fracture and the ankle was just sprained, the separated shoulder hurt like the dickens too. I never was more scared then when he grabbed my wrist when I went to run away and he pulled my shoulder loose, causing me to fall down and him to jump on me. If I hadn't punched him in the face and then twisted his privates with my hand, I have no clue what would have happened. Working for the mayor, 19 and alone sucks and I am scared. I miss the gang, but with Warren's near turn to the dark side last year and Will off with his parents fighting crime, Well...things with the gang have been off and one day we will fix it. I swear by it. Still, I feel like I am all alone, I don't know how to brooch this with anyone, especially Lucas. Telling him will probably drive him off and the nightmares, I don't know what to do. I do know I will never stop fighting crime, not ever, but I just feel something looming and so close.
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My Full Name: Layla Sophie Williams

My Vital Statistics (age/height/weight, hair & eye colour): 19, 5'6 and I do not know my weight, I believe that whole weight situation with magazines make girls anorexic. Amber brown, dark red hair.

Here's An Embarrassing Photo of Me:


My Childhood Ambition: Save the planet

My Fondest Memory:The first time I was allowed to go on a survivalists holiday with the matrons of my family when I was 6.

My Favourite Retreat: The woods, anywhere.

My Wildest Dream: To become a Botanist and have my Ph.d

My Proudest Moment: Helping my friend during Homecoming when I was 14 and someone tried to kill us all, we won.

My Biggest Challenge: Trying to save the world all alone and not have my friends around.

My Alarm Clock Is: Important, I take a lot of class and rarely ever sleep! besides, nightmares help with that

My Perfect Day Would Be:I don't want to jinx it, but I think it already may have happened. Looks to a certain blonde.

My First Job Was: I've worked with children who have varying forms of down syndrome, plus working with my mother helping to take care of sick, hurting baby animals.

My Most Decadent Indulgence: Spiced Vegan Peach Pie
My Inspiration: My Dad.

My Ideal Companion: Fun, adventerous and understanding, accepting..

My Favourite Colour: Green

The Last Book I Read: Activating Evolution.

My Ideal Home Would Be: Something small, quaint and super cute.

I Am An Expert At: Crime fighting.

The Funniest Joke I've Heard Recently: I haven't heard any jokes lately. I live a sad, boring life.

My Favourite Animal: Puppies and Kittens

My Favourite Breakfast: Granola and Fruit

My Favourite Snack: Yogurt with Granola and fresh fruit

My Favourite NEW TV Show: I have no clue

My Couch: Covered in papers, books and plants

My Greatest Fear: Something happening to my friends and family

My Favourite Entertainer: Uh again, no idea. I need help with this stuff.

My Favourite Meat & Veggie: No meat, only tofu and any veggie.

My Least Favourite Person In The World:Gwen Greyson, Grrrrr. I want to rip her hair out one by one. Yes, this kitten does have claws
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Pictures taken of me on my birthday, Sept 24, 2008

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You Are a Granola and Fruit Sundae

Healthy, fresh, and totally natural.

Your body is a temple... even if it doesn't smell like one!


Sep. 25th, 2008 05:47 pm
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1. What is your full name?
Layla Sophie Williams

2. What color are your eyes?
Amber Brown

3. What is your astrology sign?

4. How tall are you?

5. Where were you born?
Maxville, Gotham
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You Are 8% Evil

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So, for in between classes and taking dance this semester just to unwind, I picked up a book for some light bedtime reading.

It is called Activating Evolution. This book is Amazing. The ideals and analysis of the human body and it's inner workings and how a person can achieve a higher state of being.

I am entranced. I did some minor research to find out more information and found a website being run by the man's son.


Filtered to:[Filtered hippie_sidekick] (OOC I cannot get this dumb code to work)

Wow, this would explain me, how I came to be and how people with powers like me who mate with others with abilities or not with abilities can conceive a child with one or both abilities and in some cases, none at all!

Oh my.

Sep. 23rd, 2008 07:47 pm
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I cannot believe I am going to be 19 years old. Life is so weird, you are given a path and a duty and life just flies on by. My head is so going to spin when I turn 20, hopefully by then I have a team that is all speaking to one another and we have direction. The only thing I really do hope for, that there is no 'Proverbial Bad Guy.'
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01 - Chaiyya Chaiyya 6:54 A. R. Rehman Dil Se Rahmaniac
02 - Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 4:26 AC/DC Back In Black
03 - Fuck Me Pumps (Mylo Remix) 4:51 Amy Winehouse B-Sides & Rarities R&B
04 - Love Song 3:05 Anberlin What You Feel Now is What I Feel For You
05 - Heavens Dead 4:36 Audioslave Out of Exile Alternative
06 - Seagull 4:03 Bad Company Bad Company RockNRoll
07 - The Passion of Lovers 3:56 Bauhaus A Forever Deal Spike And Drusilla Fanmix 1
08 - Maybe Not 4:21 Cat Power you are free Indie
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25 - Secretly 4:47 Skunk Anansie Cruel Intentions OST Other
26 - Midnight Radio 4:54 Cyndi Lauper & The Minus 5 Wig In a Box: Songs from &
27 - Love Reign O'er Me 5:48 The Who Quadrophenia (Remastered) Rock
28 - Mighty Long Way 3:26 Fishbone Truth and Soul Alternative
29 - Bad Things 2:44 Jace Everett Jace Everett Country
30 - Analyse 4:03 Thom Yorke The Eraser Alternative
31 - Simon Says 2:58 Baby Beatz Inc. Jump Around Children's Music
32 - Billy_Squier_-_Catch_22 5:05
33 - Ain't No Sunshine 2:03 Withers, Bill Blues
34 - Rattlesnake Smile 5:00 KANE Kane Country
35 - Fell In Love With A Boy 3:39 Joss Stone The Soul Sessions R&B
36 - Security 4:31 Joss Stone Mind, Body & Soul Pop
37 - Son's Gonna Rise 3:54 Various Artists One Tree Hill 2: Friends With Benefits
38 - Autumn Leaves 3:09 The Tiger Lillies Births Marriages And Deaths Other

OK, I have over 10,000 songs, no lie and that does not count for vinyl, CDS and Tapes I also own. Which, I plan to add to my iTunes some how so that I may be able to listen to different play lists.

The first song is because this semester I am taking a dance class. Indian Dancing, Bollywood style and also the kind of dancing that they teach that actually tells a story. There is also some beladi dancing class I am have yet to start. That is at night though on my own time. It is bellydance, but the real terminlogy is beladi dance. My mom is dusting off her doumbek to send to me too!


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