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Which Fandom or Fandom your psl is for: Hi,I am looking for someone to play in the Sky High Fandom.
Which character(s) you want/will be playing in you psl: I would love a Warren Peace to play with, possibly the rest of the gang too like Magenta, Zach, Will, Ethan... Villains too if they want to join.
How you want to do you psl, eg. AIM, thread, email: Thread through journals, storybook style. Willing to also do some work through AIM to post in the journal later.
What kind of storyline you want: Mainly I would like to explore the friendship, and the spark that Layla and Warren had that night in the Paper Lantern when Will stood her up. Then again during the Homecoming dance. I would love to do some heavy stuff/dark material as well as light/happy stuff. It can all be discussed in which direction we want to take it. Also have them join together to do team work, working for the Mayor, like the Commander and Jetstream, fighting crime. Also, to explore Warren's darker side, his relationship to his father and how it affected him.

Contact me here or by PM. We can discuss aim handles when we talk. Any, and all help as well as interest in this storyline would be greatly appreciated!


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