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My school schedule has been strangling me to death, but wanting to have my PH.D and be married, and get my double major, I knew this was all coming. So, I am just rolling with the punches at this point, and I am all right with this. Now that the actual wedding has been done, and it was just the families and people we lived with, I can actually sit down with our money accounts, and some pen and paper to figure out the actual big wedding, the gown, the cake, the friends, family, and others, the place to have it, the setting, the minister, the honeymoon, AKA the whole shebang. That was why I did what I did, with us both in college, we didn't have the funding to make the wedding big, and I just wanted something for us. Hopefully, this will work out, as I study for my midterms, write all my papers, and so on.

It will be nice to be living in One Tree Hill, four days out of the week. And traveling the three hours home from school. Life in this time is scary, crazy, but I feel at peace.
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