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Dearest Lucas:
I wish I could sit down at my computer and compose a literary masterpiece, a haiku, even a Heavy Metal rocker's power ballad to all things that are truly epic and all things Lucas Scott.

I wish I could find the right words to tell you how your hair shines like it was coated in diamond dust and this was the gods own doing...so they bring forth the sun every single day just to illicit choirs of birds who sing the praises of your beautifully shiny hair and how when the sun hits it the right way it truly sparkles.

I wish I could color the most beautiful picture of your eyes alone, I wish I could find the right paint, the right Crayola color that matches the breathtaking beauty of your blue eyes.

I wish I was in the heaven's the day you were born and it was me who sculpted that beautiful face and learned how to put those dimples in just the right place that frame the most perfect and soft lips. A pretty pink bow on a glorious package.

I wish I could compose a waltz or a piano concerto that went into the many amazing facets of your mind, your soulful intelligence, your compassionate smile, your glorious form.

Your beautiful hands and their long fingers, calloused fingers and soft skin caress me and shape me into a woman, you play me like an instrument and you illicit such beauty inside of me that it truly blows my mind.

I am not that poetic, that soulful, that grandiose...but you, Lucas Scott shape me and help me realize that I can be all of those things and more. I could be a fairytale princess if I listened to the way you talk to me and speak of me. The fair maiden who lost her glass slipper at the end of the ball. Right when the clock strikes 12 and my carriage turns into a pumpkin and my clothes turn into rags. Those days do not matter, because in your arms I am that fairytale princess.

You are anything and everything I have ever wanted in a mate and more. You are my best friend, my confidant, my soul on a black day, the light to my darkness, the seeds that I plant in the earth. You never mock me, never scold me, you never tear me down or beat me up. You lift me higher then I ever imagined I could go.

All these reasons and more do I wish that I were the poet, the master painter, the maestro.

Even though I am not any of these things I will try my hardest to show you, to tell you, to enlighten you to just how much you mean to me, how beautiful you are and how much you make me the better person.

I am so much better for knowing you, even if it was only for one shining moment of my life or for a lifetime. You are my world, my heart, my soul and my life. If you ever wonder if I care for you, if you ever doubt me in anyway...read this letter and try and pull forth the love and spirit that I have poured into this letter.

I love you always and all ways.
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