Apr. 26th, 2009

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"I say what forms in my heart. It is easier for people to tear down, to rip asunder those that oppose them then it is to compliment, praise and fill with joy. For those people have little or no hope and feel jealousy and pain, so instead of filling up that negative space with positive light they fill it up with more negative space. Soon the vicious cycle begins from one memory to the next, one heart ache to the next, one pain to the next until everyone is weeping, bitter and festering with it, filled with bile and depression. That is not the world I want to live in. I want to live free and love plenty. I want my heart to be lifted up in the hands of love and to experience the peace and solace of being free and open. I am here and with every breath I take I dream to break the vicious cycle of pain and hate. One baby step at a time, one mile stone at a time and when I find more beauty and more gentleness of spirit and more elegance of the soul, then it is my place, my goal, my calling to spread it out unto others to experience, to live with, to gain from, and with time and reverence and a little bit of water and whole lot of TLC the vicious cycle of pain, hate and tyranny can be broken and another circle of life can come into being and it will bear much fruit."

Quote by Layla Williams

Character Profile
Name: Layla Williams
Nickname: Hippie, Earth Mother
Gender: Female
Age and date of birth: 24 September 1989, 18 going on 19
Species: Superpowered human
Sexuality: Straight
Fandom: Sky High
PB: Danielle Panabaker

Codename: ~Hippie Earth Mother~

Alias: Layla Williams

Powers- Florakinesis AKA
From Activating Evolution
Agrokinesis or Phyllokinesis is the Anomalous ability to mentally manipulate wood, plants and flowers. Using this ability, one could grow plants to enormous proportions nearly any environment, and use them as weapons that can grab and attack with vines and roots (or release neurotoxins and pheromones), which quickly regenerate at the user’s will. Sometimes people can even control plants in their concentrated form, like clothes, paper and money.

She is so powerful, she can grow an entire rain forest in her living room.

Best Friends: Will Stronghold, Magenta, Warren Peace.

Worst Enemy: Sue Tenny AKA Gwen Greyson AKA Royal Pain

Team Mates/Work for the Mayor of Maxville: Will Stronghold- All American Kid, Warren Peace- Hot-Head, Layla Williams- Hippie Earth Mother, Magenta-Stripy, Zach- Zach Attack, Ethan-Popsicle.

Team Associates: Steve Stronghold- The Commander, Josie Stronghold- Jetstream, Ron Wilson- Bus-driver.

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Layla S. Williams {Sky High}

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