Mar. 13th, 2009

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[Filtered to {Private to the people I talk to and now to Lucas too}]
Since trying to ask my friends and family which picture they would like the most was a bust, I guess I hadn't been clear in my intentions. I just wanted genuine critique's and/or advice without having to give too much away as to why, intitially. People I grew up with and my family picked different ones and accidently I left the filter off and my reasons for asking for help where misconstrued, as was my intention of keeping it to just a few people. I am going to pick which one I feel is the best. Since, I can only afford one print in a frame, because WOW, this is expensive. I only get to have these guys on a disc. It is kind of hard to do, because I don't know what is the best representation of me, the sexiet, the least trashy. I just thought people could help narrow it down. Not that I am ashamed of these in the least, I am proud of them and me. The lady who took them wanted to have them sent to some magazine, I told her no thank you. So, I am just going to remove all the filters and let the people I talk to regularly see them again. Since, I accidently let them be seen that way from the beginning. Sorry about that. =) This is going to be rough. I also had wanted to keep Lucas out of the loop until I could choose, but this way is better. I get to choose. No one knows me better then myself and with time, Lucas, my love, so will you! I hope you enjoy these? I love you.

Okay, for our engagement...I had some pictures taken to give to Lucas. They were professionally done. My hair is a little different.

(OOC, please imagine it to still be the slight medium auburn color.)

Please, tell me what you think? I am kind of nervous. I have done this on a smaller scale and by myself, but I wanted to do something fun and sexy for him.


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