Jan. 18th, 2009

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Dear Lucas,

So, you wanted to know all about Magenta, right? Well, what can I say about her? Although there is not a lot I can say about her, does not mean that she is not the coolest, greatest, most kick ass chicks I know! Magenta is like, my best female friend bar none, OK that isn’t correct, my mom counts as one of my best friends too.

Magenta is this really sweet person, super smart too. She tends to hide behind this blasé, Goth chic exterior, and she tends to answer everything in this monotone manner and looks at you as if you have ten heads when you ask her a question, but in reality she is hiding this very sweet and innocent, caring personality.
Magenta’s boyfriend, Zach, is the polar opposite to her and for the longest time they were like, best friends. They did homework together and hung out all the time, but never took he next step. (I secretly think she was scared to do so, may be felt she would be rejected or what was the point? Since, that is a large part of her personality, I do think that it was a little bit of everything…but once she went up against R.P she realized that there was no time like the present and she finally went for it.)
Magenta was sweet and kind to Zach, hiding the fact that she liked him for a while, deep down inside of herself. They began the Homecoming dance as friends, then all hell broke loose with Gwen Greyson, AKA Royal Pain, who threatened to turn our schoolmates into babies and subsequently villains‘. She, Ethan and Zach helped me, Warren and Will to defeat her, putting their lives in danger along with ours, even if they had been labeled sidekicks like myself, they took the prospect of life and limb being hurt to heart, surpassed themselves and the situation and went all out for the school, quickly becoming heroes themselves. They helped us to diffuse the situation of our school plummeting to the earth and killing those of us not taken down by the Pacifier. Later on that night, after countless times of Zach hitting on her, or asking her to do something and her saying no, which then Zach stating that he was also not up for whatever it was he had asked Magenta to do moments before…Magenta finally manned up and said that she did, in fact, want to dance and the rest of their relationship was happily history.

Magenta is quiet, genuine and intense. She doesn’t like to seem like she cares but she does. She likes to appear as the anti hero when in fact she is a heroine. If there is anyone in my life that is a bad ass, it would be Magenta. She is also super pretty with her dark eyes, long black and purple hair and olive skin. Petite, funny and sweet that is my Magenta and I know this seems like a letter of little words, see Magenta is a girl of little words and actions, but in reality, behind that soft silence is a person with a huge heart and soul.

Baby girl.


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